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Please ONLY order in multiples of 100
MOQ: 500pcs
Avaiable Size:
STP-140090-KP-RW-TOB, H140mm x W90mm + B60mm - 28g
STP-150100-KP-RW-TOB, H150mm x W100mm + B80mm - 50g
STP-200120-KP-RW-TOB, H200mm x W120mm + B80mm - 100g
STP-200140-KP-RW-TOB, H200mm x W140mm + B80mm - 150g
STP-220160-KP-RW-TOB, H220mm x W160mm + B80mm - 250g
STP-260160-KP-RW-TOB, H260mm x W160mm + B80mm - 300g
STP-260180-KP-RW-TOB, H260mm x W180mm + B80mm - 400g
STP-300200-KP-RW-TOB, H300mm x W200mm + B100mm - 600g
STP-350230-KP-RW-TOB, H350mm x W230mm + B110mm - 1KG
*Color of natural kraft products may vary due to the nature of the material.
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