This item is currently on backorder but you can still purchase it now and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
Please ONLY order in multiples of 100 
 The Diameter is Lid's diameter, and the High is Tin and Lid total High.
Available Size:
TIN-035017-ALM-RS-TOB D35mm x H17mm 10ml
TIN-039020-ALM-RS-TOB D39mm x H20mm 15ml
TIN-050015-ALM-RS-TOB D50mm x H15mm 20ml
TIN-055022-ALM-RS-TOB D55mm x H22mm 30ml
TIN-056030-ALM-RS-TOB D56mm x H30mm 50ml
TIN-070027-ALM-RS-TOB D70mm x H27mm 60ml
TIN-085028-ALM-RS-TOB D85mm x H28mm 100ml
TIN-085039-ALM-RS-TOB D85mm x H39mm 150ml
TIN-095046-ALM-RS-TOB D95mm x H46mm 250ml
MOQ is 400pcs / Szie
Shipping need time: 10 Business days
Cosmetic Grade EPE Lid Included.