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The list price is a send by sea price, and please ONLY order in multiples of 100 
 The Diameter is Lid's diameter, and the High is Tin and Lid total High.
Available Size:
TIN-035017-ALM-RS-TOB D35mm x H17mm 10ml
TIN-039020-ALM-RS-TOB D39mm x H20mm 15ml
TIN-050015-ALM-RS-TOB D50mm x H15mm 20ml
TIN-055022-ALM-RS-TOB D55mm x H22mm 30ml
TIN-056030-ALM-RS-TOB D56mm x H30mm 50ml
TIN-070027-ALM-RS-TOB D70mm x H27mm 60ml
TIN-085028-ALM-RS-TOB D85mm x H28mm 100ml
TIN-085039-ALM-RS-TOB D85mm x H39mm 150ml
TIN-095046-ALM-RS-TOB D95mm x H46mm 250ml
MOQ is 500pcs / Szie
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